Baptism / 1st Communion


The beginning of a new life is exciting, but it can also be a little daunting.

You will have already prayed that your baby will grow safe and well and now, you may be thinking about having your child baptised.

Baptism is a time of celebration. It is something for you and your family, but it is also a special time for all the other members of the Church because the Church is going to welcome a new member.

Baptism is also a time for you to grow in faith. You may be doing this week by week as you live out and celebrate your faith, but sometimes this growth might have been affected by things outside of your control, or by personal times of hardship. Sadly, at times people in the Church have not always lived up to the gospel of love and friendship and this has put people off. The baptism of your child may be an opportunity to renew your Christian faith and begin again.

When your child is baptised, you will be with them as they discover their special relationship with Jesus. There will be special times on that journey and we will walk the path with you, to help, guide, listen and support in any way we can.

You may be anxious if you’ve been out of touch with church for a while, or if you or your partner is not a Catholic, or if you are a single parent - or if you are just not sure.  Please don’t worry.  Your concerns will be put to rest as soon as you make contact with us.

What do I do to start the process?

Please telephone the Parish Office to arrange a meeting with Fr Anders, on 01772 812242 or you could speak to Father after 9.15am Mass on Sunday.  Thank you.



If your child has been baptised, you may wish them to enter in to a closer union with Jesus by making their 1st Communion when they are in Yr.4 – usually aged 8 years.  Our trained catechist will support parents and the families of the children as they prepare for this important step in their relationship with Jesus.

The preparation period starts in September, with one session a month, for an hour after Sunday Mass.  Children are helped to make their 1st Confession and Act of Reconciliation in December and the celebration of 1st Holy Communion is usually made in early June the following year.

What do I do to get my child on the programme?

Please contact the Parish Office to request a registration form.  Thank you.

Deadline: 30 August 2022



If there are any year 8’s in non-Catholic schools who want to be Confirmed next year, please contact the Parish Office.



Funeral services or Requiem Masses

Help and support is offered in preparation for all sacraments.  Please contact the Parish Office and we’ll respond asap.